Path of Exile 3.1 Duelist Melee Builds With Blade Flurry

January 5, 2018path of exile


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[Blade Flurry] The Swordmaster – dual-wield crit slayer – all content down

It is possible to Use a different sword/claw/dagger in off-hand, but remember that talent like BF doesn’t use both weapons at a time but alters your primary hand and off-hand with each and every attack, the damage will not add up, which suggests you attack along with your primary hand on 1st hit then your off-hand 2nd. So you’re basically a 1h develop and doesn’t totally advantage from dual-wielding. In brief, our creativity will only advantage from global mods and explicit mods of off-hand weapons, so choose your weapon meticulously

Vaal Pact / Instant leech / Slayer nerf
– 3.1 Patch alterations eliminate Slayer maximum life leech rate which tends to make the new Vaal pact pretty much mandatory for Slayer (without the need of immediate leech) build to leech a lot more comfortable in the expense of life regen.
– Some quick number, you get (20% base leech + 3% from Vitality Void passive node) x 2 (Vaal pact) = 46% leech price, which is higher than pre 3.1 (43%).
– The new Atziri acuity which triggers Vaal pact on crit continues to be extremely very good, you’ll be able to nonetheless regen even though not in combat.
– Lab run with VP isn’t quite comfy unless you have got the new Atziri acuity, you’ll be able to workaround by popping Writhing jar just before rush into traps.

Why Pick this Make?
– Quick to construct and gearing, no bleed/poison abuse, just pure Phys.
– Flexible with expertise, can use all 1h melee sword talent, I mainly use Blade flurry for bosses and Ice crash/lacerate/cyclone for mapping.
– Higher good quality of life with slayer stun/bleed immune, 20% culling, and endless leech.
– 6-7 jewels, enough to fill in what you lack on gear.
– No flask spamming in just about every two sec

Instance Create Hyperlink:


[Blade Flurry] Low-cost Bleed-Explo Blocker Gladiator Bladeflurry

This Develop choose Gladiator for the reason that of easy setup max block 75/75 and also have alternative+better explosion effect 10% monster hp from Gratuitous Violence compared to Abyssal Cry 8%. Plus you no require to spam warcry like Abyssal Cry builds does to have proc-explosion effect, can be a passive. This Develop opt for Sword simply because to have far more bleed chance as well as much more accuracy to crit, no need to have Resolute Technique

+ Inexpensive! Only pricey thing is definitely the Surrender shield, 5-Link viable
+ High clear speed in maps
+ High survivability
+ Uncomplicated to play
+ Can do most map mods, even Phys/elemental reflect maps
+ Less expensive evaluate to ES build

– Cant run lower armor/block map mod
– Life-based
– Demand Chayula exceptional shield to be this tanky as a Life Create

Example Construct Hyperlink:


[Blade Flurry] The Bringer of Leech-Blade Flurry League Starter – 300k+ DPS on a Spending budget, New Player Friendly

Only alter for 3.1 is the fact that Ruthless won’t assistance channeled capabilities, so I’ll use Enhanced AOE/Conc Effect in it is the spot. This is a definitely budget create that can get you deep into maps on self-found gear, which you will then be able to fill out your atlas. The build only actually has two necessary uniques which are economical off self-found currency early in a league, and incredibly low cost later in a league.

+ Insta-Leech devoid of Vaal Pact + Leech over time + preserve your health regen!
+ Immune to Bleed & Stuns though leeching
+ Only two expected exclusive items
+ Inexpensive! You genuinely don’t have to grind-farm to gear up. the currency you collect and gear you sell though you level and begin to fill out your atlas will pay for required uniques!
+ 20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing to deal with the uber buffed boss HP in 3.0
+ Really few map mods you cannot do

– You’ve to be right up on dangerous bosses, it’s a melee make after all.
– Don’t dodge 1 shots = you die.
– Can’t-do Phys reflect just before taking Headsman Ascendancy.
– No leech maps incredibly difficult.
– No regen/slower regen maps are slow since you can’t spam Whirling Blades.

Instance Make Hyperlink:


[Blade Flurry] 1 Poe Exalted Orb budget frost blades / Blade flurry develop, all content material viable

Welcome to frost blades/blade flurry construct, This has been playing this construct considering that the launch of one-goroshi and it’s insanely strong. This Develop has been farming atziri and uber atziri with it and it really is pretty quick with 1-2 Poe Exalted Orb price range. The shaper is pretty quick too.

+ Low cost(1-2 exalted to acquire started)
+ Seriously rapidly map clear with frost blades
+ Insanely higher DPS on bosses with blade flurry(800k+ with spending budget gear)
+ Really high leech with slayer, can face tank most map bosses

– Can’t think of any to become honest

Example Create Hyperlink:


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