MU Legend Dungeons Technique Study guides

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A number of dungeons, featuring all sorts of enemies and rewards!
As you play by way of the game, you’ll knowledge lots of unique kinds of dungeons, each serving a distinct purpose in MU Legend. You will come across Regular Dungeons, the basic dungeons that are cleared throughout the course of quests, as you level up and advance via the story.
Epic Dungeons are just a little additional challenging than Regular Dungeons, but they’re the very best areas for farming gear. You could enter the Rift as much as 10 instances every day, and it is a fantastic place to stock up on much-needed products and EXP. Inside the Rift, you can find a special currency called Rift Fragments. Porystals are also identified within the Rift, that are vital items applied to enter special dungeons.
Moreover, you will discover six separate dungeons within the Area of Duty, each and every using a daily entry limit. You’ll be able to receive mu legend Zen, Magic Gems, Enchanting Stones as well as other supplies inside these dungeons, so it’s most effective to clear them each day.

Dungeons Have Different Features and Rewards: Select A single That Suits Your Desires

Dungeon basics: Subjugation and much more
Field dungeons are divided into Typical, Epic and Rift categories, and they all have entrances that appear distinct. You’ll find numerous sorts of dungeons, such as special-purpose ones inside the Space of Duty along with dungeons requiring Porystals to enter. For the field dungeons, you’ll be able to set the difficulty level from 1 and five. They’re useful in many approaches, from leveling up to farming equipment.
Dungeons are primarily for parties, and you can either kind a celebration of the own or make use of the auto-matching method to locate random players. As a way to enter a dungeon having a celebration, all members ought to agree, and they must all be in the location where the entrance is situated. You won’t have the ability to enter once more once you leave a dungeon, so retain this in thoughts when you are thinking of exiting.
All party members must agree to enter the boss space inside the dungeon, and all members must also be around the exact same floor. If you die although battling the boss, you’ll resurrect outdoors the boss area, and you won’t be capable of enter till the battle is more than. Even so, for those who use a Resurrection Stone or if an ally resurrects you, you are able to rejoin the battle ideal away.
For some dungeons created for farming, you’ll be able to full them quickly through Subjugation. To make use of the Subjugation function, open the Game Menu (ESC) and click on a dungeon within the list for the left to determine that dungeon’s details window. From there, click on the the Subjugation Request button. You’ll demand Redzen to carry out a Subjugation request. You will need to possess cleared the dungeon at least as soon as prior to, as well as the Subjugation will probably be applied determined by that record. The number of Subjugations readily available will rely on the entry limit for that dungeon.

Uncover the secrets in the MU continent through Standard Dungeons
Regular Dungeons would be the most standard in the dungeons in MU Legend, and with no entry specifications, they could be entered by everyone. Right here, you can complete quests and get gear although leveling up. They could be played in Typical and Mythic modes based on the dungeon, and every single mode has five difficulty levels.
Larger difficulty signifies stronger monsters, but it also gives you the likelihood to obtain improved equipment and rewards. Legendary items might be obtained in Regular mode, when Mythic mode gives you a possibility to get Mythic things. Nonetheless, Mythic mode is only available within the final dungeon of every single continent.
It really is finest to challenge higher-difficulty dungeons using a celebration, and when you go solo, it really is advisable to set a low difficulty in order to full the quest. Also, specific dungeons are positioned in distinctive places, so you will need to locate the relevant entrance on the dungeon you wish to enter. All celebration members has to be within the area if you would like to enter with a party, and everyone will have to agree just before the dungeon can be entered.
Despite the fact that Regular Dungeons are often cleared though completing quests, they are also terrific for after you want equipment, different supplies or consumables. So, when it comes to leveling up your character along with getting equipment, Regular Dungeons are invaluable farming areas for all those with low combat power.

Look for Mythic mode in Normal Dungeons

Look for Mythic mode in Normal Dungeons

Epic Dungeons are high-difficulty treasure vaults filled with uncommon items
Epic Dungeons may be found out in the open just like Standard Dungeons, and the abundance of things discovered inside makes them among MU Legend’s primary farming dungeons. These dungeons are primarily for players who’ve leveled up and are searching for much better gear, and there’s 1 on each and every continent starting from Duelden.
Epic Dungeons have five issues. A word of warning, however: level 1 of an Epic Dungeon is additional challenging than the highest amount of a Regular Dungeon! Because of this, you genuinely will need a celebration to obtain through an Epic Dungeon. In addition, you must meet the minimum level and combat-power circumstances, in addition to have sufficient dungeon entries remaining.
Only these with a certain level of combat power can enter; so even if you have reached the max level, you still may not have the ability to enter an Epic Dungeon. If this is the case, get improved equipment through crafting/Normal Dungeons and enhance your combat power with enchantment.

The entrances to Epic Dungeons look different on the map.

The entrances to Epic Dungeons look different on the map.

The number of entries to Epic Dungeons can be filled up to a max of 7, with 1 entry getting added each day. This implies you do not must go everyday, and also you can do them all at as soon as if you prefer. When having a celebration, all members must have dungeon entries remaining, be in the same region and agree to enter.
An entry is deducted the moment you enter the dungeon, so endeavor to stay away from exiting the dungeon or logging out before completing it. You need to be prepared in the starting, so ensure you have each of the important equipment, potions and consumables.
Once inside, party members can roam freely, but absolutely everyone has to agree to proceed by means of the boss portal. Should you die when battling the boss and use Resurrect at Point, you may respawn outdoors the portal and can be unable to re-enter. In other words, a dead party member has to be resurrected by an ally or use a Resurrection Stone to continue fighting.
Given that it is a place for farming, you will get much improved equipment than you’d in Typical Dungeons should you succeed. In contrast to in Typical Dungeons, you could discover Set-grade things in Epic Dungeons, creating them vital for players who desire Set gear.

You are able to receive Set equipment in Epic Dungeons.
The Rift: A randomly selected dungeon with monsters matched to your level
No matter if you’re leveling up or simply farming equipment, the Rift has got you covered. The entrances to the Rift is often found easily on any map. It does not matter which Rift portal you enter; the dungeon is determined randomly each and every time you undergo, and monsters are generated with all the very same level as the player.
If you enter using a celebration, the level of the monsters will probably be decided by the amount of the strongest player. You can find five levels of difficulty, from normal to evil, and all party members should be within the similar location and agree to enter the dungeon.
The principle rewards are items and Magic Gems. Magic Gems is usually utilized as currency in numerous areas, so it’s best to gather as quite a few as you possibly can.
As opposed to other dungeons, you will be ranked right after you complete the Rift, and you will obtain further card rewards. Your rank is calculated depending on the number of celebration members along with the quantity of elite monsters defeated. You get to choose 1 of four cards, which then reveals an item which will be provided as a reward.

You can enter the Rift 5 instances every day, along with the entry count is reset day-to-day at 5 a.m. When the Rift goes into overdrive, you are able to enter as several instances as you need, as well as players that have applied up their everyday entries can enter once again.
Anytime a player enters the Rift, the overdrive gauge are going to be filled up by a certain quantity. Once the gauge is charged 100%, the Rift will go into overdrive to get a particular time frame. Overdrive also affects every single continent separately, so it is possible to check the overdrive status via the Rift menu (N) and head towards the continent which is almost in overdrive beforehand.
The item drop price increases when the Rift is in overdrive, and also the number of floors inside the Rift is expanded to 3. The number of card rewards readily available immediately after completion also increases. Continents that have been in overdrive ahead of will have their overdrive level enhanced to Lv. two and acquire a greater overdrive impact. So, anticipate to view numerous players seeking for parties around the relevant continent when the overdrive time approaches.
Also, the player who causes the overdrive will get the Rift Overdriver impact, which grants a rise in attack, vital price and movement speed. The Rift overdrive only continues to get a set time, so it really is vital which you clear dungeons as quick as possible. It’s advisable to ignore the monsters within the middle and head directly for the boss.

Porystals: Collect Rift Fragments
As you accumulate rewards in the course of your adventures by means of the Rift, you may get some special crystals along the way. These are called Porystals, and they let you to immediately enter a designated dungeon with no going by way of a portal. If you are within a party, all celebration members will probably be teleported together.
As opposed to the other dungeons exactly where you set the difficulty, the Porystals themselves have distinctive grades, so the greater the grade, the larger the difficulty in the dungeon. Porystal dungeons are normally tougher than the Typical Dungeons, so the higher-grade ones won’t be quick to clear. With this in thoughts, be certain you’re nicely ready using a party ahead of you use a Porystal.
Porystals are consumable products that disappear after they are employed, as well as the major Porystal dungeon is “Lupa’s Library”. This location is located deep inside the Rift and was as soon as applied by Lupa to study its inner workings. Very effective enemies await you there.
You’ll be able to receive Rift Fragments as a reward for clearing this dungeon. Rift Fragments is usually exchanged by way of a merchant to get random set-equipment chests, so you need to gather as quite a few as you are able to.

Area of Duty: Reap the rewards in special dungeons
This is a place that keen players of MU Legend should pay a visit to every day. Ohrdor’s Space of Duty includes special dungeons where you can get precise rewards located nowhere else. You’ll locate 5 distinct dungeons inside the principal space (Lupa’s Labyrinth is in a separate area towards the side): Endless Tower, Warped Magic Gem Mine, Blood Castle, Luery’s Secret Vault and Fabrice’s Garden.
These five dungeons possess a everyday entry limit, so it’s essential which you go every single day and get by far the most rewards. The dungeons also have level specifications, so be sure to level up very first. The level requirement for the Endless Tower is Lv. 65. Fabrice’s Garden, Warped Magic Gem Mine, Blood Castle and Luery’s Secret Vault have their requirements set to Lv. 25, 35, 45, and 55 respectively.
The Endless Tower is the go-to dungeon for wing-enchantment supplies. If you’re short on Magic Gems, the Warped Magic Gem Mine and Blood Castle (time-attack dungeon) are the locations to go. You will uncover numerous Zen in Luery’s Secret Vault, and Fabrice’s Garden is where you will get numerous uncommon supplies which can be necessary for crafting.
You can select the difficulty (1 to five) for the Warped Magic Gem Mine, Luery’s Secret Vault and Fabrice’s Garden, just like within a Regular Dungeon. On the other hand, there’s no difficulty choice probable for the Endless Tower and Blood Castle. Instead, the higher you go in the Endless Tower/the more quickly you complete Blood Castle, the greater the rewards you can get.


Here are the deck win rates from the first four days of Worlds –

October 31, 2016Business Review


Malygos Druid is recovering from terrible win rates on opening days, Dragon Warrior a pleasant surprise.

Despite being the most played archetype of the tournament – and certainly considered one of the best lists in the current meta – Malygos Druid struggled to pull off win rates corresponding to the archetype strength at the start of the Hearthstone World Championship. After the first two days, the deck was circling around 37 per cent win rate, at one time dropping as low as 33 per cent.

While it’s a lot more difficult to pull off glamorous win rates in the Conquest format as opposed to Last Hero Standing where a deck can sweep the whole series, Malygos Druid’s bad performance came as a surprise. On second sight, however, his low win rate could be explained by both the high skill cap needed to pilot the deck optimally and the popularity of its natural enemies: Secrets Hunter and Zoo, the latter of which at one time held the highest win rate in the World Championship.

As the numbers stand currently after four days of matches, the majority of the popular decks, i.e. those which have played ten matches are below, have a win rate percentage around the 50 per cent mark, with Malygos Druid at 47.62, Tempo Mage at 52.00, Zoo at 52.94, and Midrange Shaman at even 50.00. The worst performing deck of the popular wins is Aggro Secrets Hunter with 40.00 over 15 games and Control Warrior 41.67 over 12 games.

The highest win rates are currently held by decks that have been played in only a handful of games. Dragon Warrior, an archetype which went almost extinct with the rise of its control brethren, is having a great week with 80 per cent win rate over five games, followed by the Ramp Token build, outperforming its Malygos cousin with 75.00 over four games.

Unsurprisingly, Midrange Shaman is by far the most banned deck of the tournament with 50 per cent ban rate so far.

After finishing the group stage, players will be allowed to re-submit their line-ups for the playoffs. Find full coverage of the event at our World Championship event coverage hub.


Will Malygos Druid finish Worlds with a positive win-rate?

Yes, the deck is very strong

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No, the meta is being too harsh for it

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gamecoupon – Crowdfunding championships: Tonight on The Innervated at 21:00 CET

October 31, 2016Business Review



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ATLC 2 is coming, being partially crowdfunded on Kickstarter. How do we feel about this? Find out tonight at 21:00 CET.

The Innervated is a podcast all about Hearthstone, airing each Tuesday at 21:00 CET on Hosted by Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev and a group of experts, the show takes an in-depth look at Blizzard’s award-winning card game, covering the competitive scene in detail while pulling no punches.

Episode #63 has two juicy topics. The first one is, of course, the Blizzcon World Finals group stage results, which almost featured the total demise of Europe and some great showing from NA. We’ll look at the playoffs bracket and also give our prediction for the outcome.

The second topic is the fresh announcement of ATLC 2 and Amaz’s decision to go the crowdfunding way. The former Archon owner has been a hot topic on The Innervated and his latest endeavor just has to be a focal point of the show.

Tune in  tonight at 21:00 CET. To be sure you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show on iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud


Will you pledge to ATLC 2’s Kickstarter?


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gamecoupon – ATLC returns for a second edition

October 31, 2016Business Review


Organized by popular streamer Jason “Amaz” Chan, eight teams will battle for a crowdfunded prize pool.

Almost a year and a half ago, Hearthstone witnissed the start of arguably the most succesfull community-made tournament to date. The Archon Team League invited the most popular Hearthstone personalities to face off against each other in 3-man teams. At the end of it all ThijsNL, Rdu and Lifecoach were victorious, claiming the $150.000 first prize. Back then Amaz promised ATLC would be back for another edition, and fans have been waiting a long time for it since.

However, the long wait was rewarded today as Amaz revealed the second season of the Team League. On the tournament’s website a calendar can be found, on which nearly every date is marked for content. The calendar started today with the announcement of the first participating team: G2. Other participants will be revealed over the next month, but a teaser image already displays Forsen, Firebat and Trump, hinting at the return of “Forsenboys”, Cloud9 and “Value Town” as respective teams.

Whereas ATLC’s first season had a prize pool of a whopping $250.000, the second season does things a little different. The largest change is that the entire prize pool will be crowd-funded via Kickstarter. Backers of the tournament will receive rewards for their contribution towards the set goal of $1.600.000 Hong Kong Dollar, which converts to around $200.000 in the United States. Rewards vary, but lead up to a VIP visit to ATLC2.

The trailer of ATLC2 can be found below, and click here to go to ATLC’2 official website.


Are you hyped?

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The Competitive Recap: October 24-30 –

October 31, 2016Business Review


Missed anything from last week? We’ve got you covered with the major headlines from the world of Hearthstone.

The “Hearthstone competitive recap” is issued every Monday and goes over the major events in – and often outside – competitive Hearthstone. Blizzard’s card game is in the middle of its HCT campaign but there are also lots of other third party tournaments running in parallel, and this post will summarize everything for your convenience.


Tournament news:

Blizzcon World Finals has its top 8

Three NA, two EU, two CN and one APAC player will compete this Friday at the playoffs for the World Finals and on Saturday, Hearthstone’s third champion will be crowned. Who are you betting on?

Major changes coming to HCT in 2017

The new structure will feature seasonal global championships and a higher cut for the top players, to promote more international competition and stricter sifting of the Hearthstone talent. 

ATLC 2 has been announced

Hearthstone streamer Jason “Amaz” Chan has announced the returned for the Team League Championships. Amaz looks to partially crowdfund the tournament, asking the community to pledge to a Kickstarter project of $200,000. Eight teams are to take part in the second season, with the start date of the tournament currently not set. 


Major news and content:

The Stories of Blizzcon

Nydra’s series of featured articles concluded just at the start of the group stage, profiling the most prominent players of the tournament. Below are the latest chapters:

Chapter IV: The record setter (Handsomeguy)
Chapter V: The redeemed (Naiman)
Chapter VI: The champion (ThijsNL)

Decklist win-rates from Worlds

Find out which decks performed the best and which the worst at the group stage of Blizzcon World Championship. 


GosuRankings Top 10 players

Current week: 

Previous week:


10 Reasons to try FIFA 17 –

October 28, 2016Business Review


Posted September 30th at 6:00pm.

Are you ready? EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 is HERE! These are 10 reasons to try FIFA 17 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

1. Frostbite

EA SPORTS™  FIFA has a new game engine. Frostbite injects even more detail into the worlds of FIFA 17. Experience all new environments like tunnels, locker rooms, the manager’s office, and the team plane.

2. The Journey

FIFA 17 has a BRAND NEW mode called The Journey. Play for any of the Premier League teams as Alex Hunter, a hot prospect, trying to achieve greatness. 

3. The Reviews

“The Journey is undoubtedly the most striking addition to FIFA in quite some time.” – IGN 

Nuff Said

4. Gameplay

Own Every Moment with the Set Piece Rewrite, Active Intelligence System, Physical Play Overhaul, and New Attacking Techniques.

5. Career Mode

Love Career Mode? There are some HUGE changes in FIFA 17 including Total Club Management and a new Financial System, to go along with Managers and the J-League. So much choice!

6. Pro Clubs

The Player Growth System, Match Rating, and Traits are just the start of the NEW features in Pro Clubs. Not to mention customisation of your kits and crests, there is something for everyone in this popular mode.

7. Squad Building Challenges

Complete challenges and earn unique in-game rewards in all-new Squad Building Challenges. Test your squad-building skills with Basic, Advanced and League-specific challenges. 

8. FUT Champions

Qualify, Rank Up, Get Rewarded, Repeat. Those are the words to live by in this brand new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode. Plus, sign up NOW for the FUT Champions Club, THE most rewarding way to play FUT 17.  

9. Kick-Off

Over 30 Leagues and more than 650 playable teams from around the world feature in FIFA 17. Plus, for the first time ever, the MEIJI YASUDA J1 League is available in FIFA 17. 

10. Presentation

The Olympic Stadium, Riverside Stadium, and Suita City Football Stadium are NEW stadiums in FIFA 17. Plus, if that’s not enough, the world’s oldest football competition, The FA Cup, has its own full and authentic overlay package in FIFA 17!


gamecoupon – FIFA 17 Authenticity – Stadiums, Graphics & Presentation

October 28, 2016Business Review


Posted September 12th at 9:00am.

In FIFA 17 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC we’re adding a new layer of presentation detail to make your match day experience more authentic and immersive than ever before.


New Stadiums

When FIFA 17 launches on September 27 you’ll be able to take to the pitch in three new stadiums. Joining West Ham United’s new home will be Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium, alongside Gamba Osaka’s Suita City Football Stadium.

New Competition Presentation

The world’s oldest football competition, The FA Cup, will now have its own full and authentic overlay package in FIFA 17. This will reflect the competition’s real world broadcast package, meaning you’ll be able to feel the magic of the cup in every FA Cup match you play.

On top of this, we’re adding a number of pitch props and stadium dressings used before, during, and after games to mirror the real-world match day experience. These include:

  • Tunnel Archways
  • Handshake sponsor boards
  • Ball plinths
  • Pitch flags
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Home Team corner flags
  • Goal net stanchion colours based on stadium

New animations have also been captured for pre-game, half time & full time, resulting in smoother animation and more polished camera coverage.


New in match performance analysis

Shot and touch information for key attackers will now be tracked in each match. You’ll see this information displayed on a graphic during matches, with commentators picking up on stories to discuss the narrative of the match and the performance of the players involved.

In match Table Analysis

New in-game commentary analysing key talking points around league tables and cup standings makes the football world deeper and more compelling than ever. Matches will take on an even greater sense of importance as you hear commentators discuss six-pointers, surprise packages, title deciders, groups of death and much more via new in-match overlays and audio.


THE JOURNEY-Specific commentary

Play The Journey, the brand new mode in FIFA 17, and you’ll hear new commentary lines tracking various storylines which impact upon Alex Hunter. These include key milestones, matches against rival players, and key loans and transfers which directly affect Hunter’s progression in the game.


Match day atmosphere

Feel that match day experience in FIFA 17 with our most realistic recreation of stadium sounds yet.

Two new PA announcers will bring the game to life, including goal scorers and lineups, while we’re adding over 500 new chants, making FIFA 17’s crowds the most vibrant and dynamic to date. New additions this year include the Hala Madrid anthem along with many new high quality chants from La Liga, Premier League and Championship clubs.


New Player emotions

We’ve added greater variety and quality in reaction animations in FIFA 17. You’ll now see your players respond with even more realistic emotion to the agony of missing a golden chance, or the glory of winning a title.


Authentic Manager Focus

At various times during the FIFA 17 broadcast we will now focus on our authentic managers, who you’ll see reacting to bookings, missed scoring opportunities, great saves, and goals.


Pre-order FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition and get up to 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Team of the Week loan players, and other great FUT content! Click here to read about all our available pre-order offers.

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Making EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 The Journey –

October 28, 2016Business Review


Posted September 13th at 1:00pm.

More than two years in the making, FIFA 17 The Journey is an all-new and innovative addition to the franchise. The Journey lets you live the story of the Premier League’s next rising star, Alex Hunter, where every decision, every action, every moment impacts your attempt to rise to the highest level of the game.

Take a look behind the scenes as we brought Alex’s story to life with the help of some of those who know just what it takes to get to the top.

The emotional highs and lows experienced by Alex are highlighted by an an original score composed especially for The Journey by Oscar and Grammy award-winning composer Atticus Ross. Amplified by Ross’ arrangement, The Journey’s soundtrack will pull you through Hunter’s story and invest you in his attempts to progress through the game. Kasabian’s ‘Comeback Kid’ makes its debut on the FIFA 17 soundtrack and is featured during the opening credits of The Journey – get an exclusive first look below:

Input from real players including Harry Kane and Anthony Martial helped ground Alex Hunter’s journey in reality, giving you an authentic experience of the types of challenges a professional footballer will face as they strive to get to the top of the game.

We spent time with Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, who is as an Authenticity Consultant for The Journey. Rashford’s performance over the past 12 months has thrust him into the limelight, a position from which he’s well-versed to advise all about the pressure of hitting the world stage:

“There are ups and down for all footballers and that’s shown in Alex’s journey. You just have to try to stay level throughout and not get too high when things are going well or too low when things aren’t quite as good.”

Read more about Rashford’s journey

In order to make Alex’s progress through the game both on and off-pitch as authentic as possible, we’ve harnessed the power of Frostbite* to create the new worlds you’ll visit in The Journey.

“Without Frostbite, a story this immersive doesn’t happen. The move over to Frostbite gave us the opportunity and the tools required to create the scenes and environments necessary for The Journey. The Frostbite engine has given us a lot of incredible games many of which featured story modes and it was the perfect vehicle for us to bring a story into FIFA.” – Mat Prior, Creative Director

Check out more on what Frostbite brings to FIFA 17

More on developing FIFA 17 The Journey

As you play through The Journey, Hunter will come into direct contact with some of the world’s best players, playing both with and against some of football’s leading figures. He’ll also get the chance to play under authentic managers, who are in the game for the first time in FIFA 17 at Premier League clubs.

Going out on loan

Alex will have difficult challenges and decisions to face as he begins life as a professional. One of these choices includes a loan spell at one of three clubs from The Championship – Norwich City, Aston Villa, or Newcastle United.

*Frostbite and The Journey only available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


gamecoupon – FIFA 17 – All Leagues & Teams in FIFA 17

October 28, 2016Business Review


Posted September 16th at 9:00am.

Over 30 leagues and more than 650 playable teams from around the world will feature in FIFA 17 on console and PC. Below is the entire list of leagues and teams available to play as or against in FIFA 17.


Alka Superliga

Brøndby IF

Silkeborg IF

Aarhus GF

Odense Boldklub

FC København

Aalborg BK

Viborg FF

Esbjerg fB

AC Horsens


FC Midtjylland

Randers FC

FC Nordsjælland

Lyngby BK


Pro League

RSC Anderlecht

Club Brugge

Standard Liège

Sp. Charleroi

KRC Genk

KAA Gent


KVC Westerlo

KV Oostende

Sport. Lokeren

KAS Eupen


KV Kortrijk

KV Mechelen


Excel Mouscron


Liga do Brasil

Please note: Brazilian clubs will launch with generic player names, and will not be included in FUT. We’ll update all FIFA 17 fans about player names when and if information becomes available.





São Paulo

Atlético Mineiro

Atlético Paranaense





Ponte Preta




Santa Cruz

América Mineiro







ADO Den Haag

Roda JC Kerkrade

FC Utrecht


Willem II

FC Twente



SC Heerenveen

PEC Zwolle

FC Groningen


Go Ahead Eagles

Heracles Almelo

Sparta Rotterdam


Premier League





Manchester City

Manchester United



Tottenham Hotspur

West Ham United

Leicester City


West Bromwich Albion



Crystal Palace

Stoke City


Hull City

Swansea City


EFL Championship

Aston Villa

Blackburn Rovers

Leeds United

Newcastle United

Nottingham Forest

Queens Park Rangers

Birmingham City

Derby County

Ipswich Town

Wolverhampton Wanderers


Norwich City


Rotherham United

Preston North End

Sheffield Wednesday

Brighton & Hove Albion

Wigan Athletic

Bristol City



Huddersfield Town

Cardiff City

Burton Albion


Ligue 1

SC Bastia

Girondins de Bordeaux

En Avant Guingamp

LOSC Lille

Olympique Lyonnais

FC Metz

AS Monaco

Montpellier HSC

FC Nantes

OGC Nice

Paris Saint-Germain

Stade Rennais

SM Caen

FC Lorient

Olympique de Marseille

Angers SCO

Toulouse FC

AS Saint-Étienne

AS Nancy

Dijon Football


Domino’s Ligue 2

AJ Auxerre

Racing Club de Lens

RC Strasbourg

Nîmes Olympique

FC Sochaux

ES Troyes AC

Stade Brestois 29

Stade de Reims

AC Ajaccio

Le Havre AC

Chamois Niortais FC

Stade Lavallois MFC

Clermont Foot

Amiens SC

GFC Ajaccio

Tours FC

Valenciennes FC

Bourg en Bresse 01

Red Star FC

US Orléans



Bayern München

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia M’gladbach

SC Freiburg

Hamburger SV

1. FC Köln

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

FC Schalke 04

SV Werder Bremen

Hertha BSC

1. FSV Mainz 05

VfL Wolfsburg

Eintracht Frankfurt

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

FC Augsburg

SV Darmstadt 98

FC Ingolstadt 04

RB Leipzig


Bundesliga 2

1. FC Kaiserslautern

TSV 1860 München

VfB Stuttgart

Arminia Bielefeld

VfL Bochum

SpVgg Greuther Fürth

1. FC Nürnberg

Hannover 96

Dynamo Dresden

Erzgebirge Aue

1. FC Union Berlin

Karlsruher SC

SV Sandhausen

Würzburger Kickers

FC St. Pauli

Eintracht Braunschweig

Fortuna Düsseldorf

1. FC Heidenheim


Calcio A











Chievo Verona











Calcio B



Hellas Verona













Pro Vercelli






Virtus Entella



Columbus Crew SC

D.C. United

New York Red Bulls

New England Revolution

Chicago Fire

Colorado Rapids

FC Dallas

Sporting KC

Los Angeles Galaxy

Houston Dynamo

Vancouver Whitecaps

Real Salt Lake

Montreal Impact

Portland Timbers

Seattle Sounders

Toronto FC

San Jose Earthquakes

Philadelphia Union

Orlando City SC

New York City FC



Rosenborg BK

Lillestrøm SK

Viking FK

Molde FK

Tromsø IL

Stabæk Fotball

FK Bodø/Glimt

SK Brann


Strømsgodset Toppfotball

Odds Ballklubb

FK Haugesund

Sogndal Fotball

IK Start

Aalesunds FK

Sarpsborg 08 FF


Scottish Prem



Heart of Midlothian




Dundee FC

Hamilton Academical

Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Ross County

Partick Thistle

St. Johnstone


LaLiga Santander

Atlético de Madrid

FC Barcelona

RC Deportivo

Real Madrid

Athletic Club de Bilbao

Real Betis Balompié

RC Celta de Vigo

RCD Espanyol

Real Sociedad

Real Sporting de Gijón

Valencia CF

Deportivo Alavés

SD Eibar

UD Las Palmas

CA Osasuna

Sevilla FC

Villarreal CF

Málaga CF

CD Leganés

Granada CF


LaLiga 1|2|3

Real Zaragoza

CD Tenerife

RCD Mallorca

Real Valladolid

Elche CF

CD Numancia

Rayo Vallecano

Levante UD

Getafe CF

UD Almería

Córdoba CF

Cádiz CF

Nástic de Tarragona

AD Alcorcón

Girona FC

CD Mirandés

Sevilla Atlético

Real Oviedo

CD Lugo

SD Huesca

CF Reus Deportiu

UCAM Murcia



IFK Göteborg

Malmö FF

Helsingborgs IF


IF Elfsborg

IFK Norrköping

Örebro SK

Hammarby IF

Djurgårdens IF

BK Häcken

Kalmar FF

GIF Sundsvall

Gefle IF

Jönköpings Södra IF

Falkenbergs FF

Östersunds FK


EFL League One

Bolton Wanderers

Charlton Athletic


Shrewsbury Town

Sheffield United

Milton Keynes Dons

Coventry City



Bradford City

Oldham Athletic


Port Vale

Northampton Town

Swindon Town

Peterborough United


Scunthorpe United

Oxford United

Southend United


Bristol Rovers

AFC Wimbledon

Fleetwood Town


EFL League Two

Grimsby Town

Crewe Alexandra


Doncaster Rovers

Exeter City

Yeovil Town



Carlisle United


Luton Town


Plymouth Argyle

Wycombe Wanderers

Colchester United

Cheltenham Town

Notts County

Mansfield Town

Hartlepool United

Cambridge United

Leyton Orient

Accrington Stanley

Crawley Town

Newport County


SSE Airtricity Lge

Bohemian FC

Shamrock Rovers

Cork City

St. Patrick’s Athletic

Derry City

Sligo Rovers

Dundalk FC

Bray Wanderers

Galway United

Longford Town

Finn Harps

Wexford Youths



Lech Poznań

Ruch Chorzów

Wisła Płock

Legia Warszawa

Wisła Kraków

Górnik Łęczna

Jagiellonia Białystok

Pogoń Szczecin

Cracovia Kraków

Zagłębie Lubin

Arka Gdynia

Korona Kielce

Piast Gliwice

Lechia Gdańsk

Śląsk Wrocław

Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza


Russian League

CSKA Moskva

Krylya Sovetov Samara

Lokomotiv Moskva

Anzhi Makhachkala

Spartak Moskva

Zenit St. Petersburg

Terek Grozny

Rubin Kazan

FC Rostov

Tom Tomsk

Amkar Perm

Arsenal Tula

FC Ufa

FC Ural

FC Krasnodar

FC Orenburg


Süper Lig







Medipol Başakşehir




Atiker Konyaspor

Çaykur Rizespor




Kardemir Karabükspor




Rest of World

Olympiacos CFP


Vasco da Gama

Panathinaikos FC

HJK Helsinki

Shakhtar Donetsk

Kaizer Chiefs

Orlando Pirates




World XI

Classic XI

MLS All Stars


adidas All-Star Team


Men’s National





Czech Republic










Republic of Ireland















United States


China PR




Northern Ireland

South Africa



Cote d’Ivoire









Women’s National




China PR










United States


Ö. Bundesliga

Red Bull Salzburg

Sturm Graz

Rapid Wien

Austria Wien

SV Ried

SV Mattersburg

SCR Altach

FC Admira Wacker Mödling

Wolfsberger AC

SKN St. Pölten


K LEAGUE Classic

Seongnam FC

FC Seoul

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

Ulsan Hyundai

Pohang Steelers

Jeonnam Dragons

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Jeju United

Sangju Sangmu

Incheon United

Gwangju FC

Suwon FC



FC Vaduz

Grasshopper Club Zürich

FC Basel

FC Luzern

FC St. Gallen

BSC Young Boys

FC Thun

FC Lausanne-Sport

FC Lugano

FC Sion


Liga NOS

SL Benfica

FC Porto

Sporting CP


Vitória Setúbal

Rio Ave

Vitória Guimarães



Paços de Ferreira


SC Braga




Estoril Praia




Camp. Scotiabank

Universidad de Chile

Audax Italiano

Universidad Católica

Santiago Wanderers

Unión Española



CD Huachipato

CD Palestino

CD O’Higgins

Deportes Iquique

Deportes Antofagasta

Universidad de Concepción

Everton de Viña del Mar

San Luis de Quillota

Deportes Temuco


Liga Dimayor

Atlético Nacional

Junior Barranquilla

Deportivo Cali

Independiente Medellín

Independiente Santa Fe


Once Caldas

Deportes Tolima

Deportivo Pasto

Boyacá Chicó

La Equidad


Patriotas Boyacá

Atlético Huila

Rionegro Águilas

Alianza Petrolera

Fortaleza CEIF

Jaguares de Córdoba


Atlético Bucaramanga


LIGA Bancomer MX

Monarcas Morelia


Cruz Azul





Tigres U.A.N.L.



Santos Laguna

Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz


Gallos Blancos de Querétaro




Chiapas FC


Meiji Yasuda J1

Júbilo Iwata

Kashiwa Reysol

Vissel Kobe

Kashima Antlers

FC Tokyo

Yokohama F. Marinos

Urawa Red Diamonds

Kawasaki Frontale

Nagoya Grampus

Gamba Osaka

Omiya Ardija

Vegalta Sendai

Albirex Niigata

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Sagan Tosu

Shonan Bellmare

Ventforet Kofu

Avispa Fukuoka


Dawry Jameel

Al Hilal

Al Ittihad

Al Shabab

Al Ettifaq

Al Nassr

Al Ahli

Al Faisaly

Al Fateh

Al Qadisiyah

Al Raed

Al Taawoun

Al Wehda

Al Khaleej

Al Batin


Hyundai A-League

Adelaide United

Brisbane Roar

Central Coast Mariners

Melbourne Victory

Newcastle Jets

Perth Glory

Sydney FC

Wellington Phoenix

Melbourne City

Western Sydney Wanderers


Primera División

San Lorenzo de Almagro

River Plate

Boca Juniors

Estudiantes de La Plata

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

Racing Club de Avellaneda

Vélez Sarsfield


Atlético de Rafaela

Arsenal de Sarandi


Newell’s Old Boys

Olimpo Bahía Blanca



Quilmes Atlético Club

Rosario Central


Belgrano de Córdoba

Godoy Cruz


Atlético Tucumán

Defensa y Justicia


San Martín de San Juan

Club Atlético Tigre

Unión Santa Fe

Talleres de Córdoba




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FIFA 17 Title Update 1 on gamecoupon

October 28, 2016Business Review


Posted October 18th at 12:00am.

Hey FIFA Fans,

The first title update for FIFA 17 is available this week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For updates on when it’s live for your platform please follow @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter.

Within this update we have the new components for the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package which you can see below in action:

Addressed the following in gameplay:

  • A situation where cancel was unresponsive after requesting a clearance.
  • A rare situation where the penalty shootout should have ended earlier.
  • Increased the CPU AI tendency to attack directly.
  • An issue where players sometimes overrun the ball after a skill move.
  • Increased the chance of error from ground crosses (triple tap).
  • Improvements to ball physics where shots off the goal posts lose too much speed.
  • Goalkeeper positioning for corner kicks.
  • Improvements made to player switching from corners and free kicks.
  • An issue where the player would control the ball instead of attempting a clearance.
  • Improvements to contested headers logic from corner kicks.
  • General fixes for player controlled celebrations.
  • Cut scene for contentious fouls can now be skipped.
  • Improved the general responsiveness of shooting.
  • Minor improvement to passing responsiveness when the ball is in the air.

In Pro Clubs, we:

  • Increased experience required for the higher overall ratings in Pro Clubs. *
  • Addressed an issue where a player’s customised facial features did not display properly in game.

In Ultimate Team:

  • FUT Single Player difficulty no longer defaults to your CPU setting.
  • Addressed an issue where the player is forced to substitute an injured player in FUT online matches.
  • Corrected the shooting and crossing text in custom tactics

In Career mode, we:

  • Addressed a situation where the CPU AI would frequently leave star players on the bench.

Visual changes include:

  • Added new components of the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package.
  • Updated team kits, banners and flags for Velez Sarsfield and Tigre.
  • The goalkeeper now correctly celebrates after catching the final penalty in a shootout.
  • Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
  • Addressed frame-rate issue during pre-match skill game.
  • Addressed an issue where the fog from a player’s breath was detached from their position.
  • General overlay fixes.

*As a result of the change to Pro Clubs, some of you may find you’re a lower OVR than before the update. This is intentional and you haven’t lost any of your progress.

Thanks to those who’ve provided constructive feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. Throughout the course of the FIFA 17 season we’ll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available.