Watch Creation eSports vs REUNITED today in the eBettle Showmatch –

Who isn’t a fan of Showmatches with great teams? We know we are, and we are happy to share the news about one coming up later today!

Creation eSports, our current #1 European team, and REUNITED, our previous top European team, have been invited by eBettle and ThePlays to play in a €750 showmatch later today.  Both rosters are currently playing a lot of events, and are in fact scheduled to play a BO5 in The Battle just before this showmatch. eBettle can thank the timing for that, as it will bring any mindgames to a whole other level no matter the outcome. 

It will be a very close Bo7 series either way, judging by their last past encounters:


  • $750 Prizepool + Matcherino donations
  • BO7 series
  • Hero limit, and all maps allowed
  • 19:00 CEST/13:00 EDT/10:00 PDT
  • Cast by JoRoSaR & OneAmongstMany
Show Dates

Round 1






After today’s matches, there is a chance REUNITED will take back the #1 ranking on our European rankings, which would be an impressive feat for the team that lost such a crucial team member only weeks ago.

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Who will win this showmatch?

Creation eSports!

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Thank you for voting!


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