gamecoupon | Warframe Employee Sent Death Threats Over Announced In-Game Changes

October 10, 2016Business Review



A recent announcement about upcoming changes in Digital Extremes’ free-to-play game Warframe received some unexpected backlash this week. That there was backlash was not the unexpected thing — generally, if there are changes, someone’s not going to be happy. In this case, the unexpected thing was that the angry individuals decided to send death threats to one of the Digital Extremes employees.

After some Twitter discussion about the change, Warframe’s Live Operations & Community Producer stated that the first contact she’d received about the topic was a death threat.

The announcement that prompted this action on the part of the players was that Sentinels were being adjusted to have a Vacuum range of 6 meters rather than 12. Since that time — and after all the angst and threats — Digital extremes has apparently decided to change the range back.


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