Update – May 18th (NA/EU) – gamecoupon.org

Update – May 18th (NA/EU) - gamecoupon.org


Daum Games recent update to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online brings many changes such as a new “Road to Valencia” Event; which is part of the build up for the upcoming Valencia Expansion Part 1 set to release on June 1st, and many Class changes to the Sorcerer, Berserker, Musa and Maehwa.


Update – May 18th (NA/EU) - gamecoupon.org


Some of the Item Changes include Cheap Feed, Good Feed, Organic Feed and Nutritious Feed now being able to be used while riding a mount and Both Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shards have been added to the game.
These items can be gained via gathering and farming in order to prepare for the No Enchantment Loss when you fail from +16.


A Limited version of The Red Battlefield has been added which requires players to meet a specific AP, DP requirement in order to participate.
Players must have less than 150 AP, 200 DP and their AP+DP cannot exceed 300.


The EXP and Junk items drop rate for all monsters has also been increased and their HP has been decreased.


Update – May 18th (NA/EU) - gamecoupon.org


For a full list of all Patch Notes please head here.




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