gamecoupon – These are the 8 players competing for the European Summer Championship

August 15, 2016Business Review


Last weekend the European Preliminaries concluded and many new, but some familiar faces have a chance at claiming the title of Summer Champion.

Amongst the more familiar faces we find Artem “DrHippi” Kravets, runner up of the European Winter Championships earlier this year. Again putting down an incredible performance, the young Ukranian did not drop a single match and secured his spot in the upper bracket. To accomplish this he ironically beat Polish player Ikealyou and the Belarusian Tvist, both of whom eventually qualified too, but through the lower bracket.

Another player familiar with the main stage in seasonal championships is British player Georgec, who reached the top 16 of the European Spring Championships. Similar to DrHippi the young prodigy didn’t drop a single match in the upper bracket, claiming his ticket to the Championships. There, Georgec possibly will come across a familiar face as well, as he defeated Ukranian player Grayj in the fourth round of the Preliminaries.

The full list of players who qualified for the Summer Championships is:


Earlier this year Naiman from Kazakhstan and ThijsNL from The Netherlands already managed to secure their place at the World Championship, through the Winter Championship and Spring Championship respectively. The Summer Championships will be held on the 24th and 25th of September. It is the penultimate chance for players to try and grab a ticket to Blizzcon, as after this only the Last Call Invitational will grant a single spot.


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