The Competitive Recap: October 24-30 –

October 31, 2016Business Review


Missed anything from last week? We’ve got you covered with the major headlines from the world of Hearthstone.

The “Hearthstone competitive recap” is issued every Monday and goes over the major events in – and often outside – competitive Hearthstone. Blizzard’s card game is in the middle of its HCT campaign but there are also lots of other third party tournaments running in parallel, and this post will summarize everything for your convenience.


Tournament news:

Blizzcon World Finals has its top 8

Three NA, two EU, two CN and one APAC player will compete this Friday at the playoffs for the World Finals and on Saturday, Hearthstone’s third champion will be crowned. Who are you betting on?

Major changes coming to HCT in 2017

The new structure will feature seasonal global championships and a higher cut for the top players, to promote more international competition and stricter sifting of the Hearthstone talent. 

ATLC 2 has been announced

Hearthstone streamer Jason “Amaz” Chan has announced the returned for the Team League Championships. Amaz looks to partially crowdfund the tournament, asking the community to pledge to a Kickstarter project of $200,000. Eight teams are to take part in the second season, with the start date of the tournament currently not set. 


Major news and content:

The Stories of Blizzcon

Nydra’s series of featured articles concluded just at the start of the group stage, profiling the most prominent players of the tournament. Below are the latest chapters:

Chapter IV: The record setter (Handsomeguy)
Chapter V: The redeemed (Naiman)
Chapter VI: The champion (ThijsNL)

Decklist win-rates from Worlds

Find out which decks performed the best and which the worst at the group stage of Blizzcon World Championship. 


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