gamecoupon – Splyce announces roster changes, opens public tryouts

The pro team Splyce has said goodbye to two of its players, and will be scouting for new talent through open tryouts.

In a post published on their site yesterday, Splyce has announced plans to change up their Overwatch roster. The team had some positive results in June, but is currently showing an 8 loss streak in our data. This feat might be due to the team dynamics, and not the individual skill of the players, and so changes will be made to improve in that regard. To start, players Joshua “steel” Nissan and Matthew “flame” Rodriguez have been released from the team. Their replacements, a DPS and a Flex player, will be found through an open series of tryouts.

Jaesun “Jae” Won, the team manager, has stated the following:

Both steel and flame are fantastic players with top tier FPS pedigrees. But in a game like Overwatch, overall team chemistry can trump any individual talent. We have no doubts that either will be a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have them. Many teams have demonstrated that small roster changes can change their overall dynamic and potential. We are excited to see what happens as we move forward with tryouts and the game’s future. The new patch on the PTR shows that Blizzard actively listens to the competitive scene. It’s refreshing to see a developer keep in touch with the community and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

The remaining players are:

  • Bradford “Pyyyour” Ross
  • Matthew “Clockwork” Dias
  • Eric “Papasmurf” Murphy
  • Jan “Cozen” Lasota

Players who are interested in trying out will want to take a look at the original announcement for all the information required to apply. Updates will be tweeted out from both the manager’s twitter (@jaeSW) and @SplycePro.

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