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March 28, 2016Business Review



NHN Hangame Japan just announced that Soulworker Online is going to launch Open Beta next week starting on March 30th. The official live service date starts on April 6th. Check out the full details and new trailer below along with some of my gameplay videos.

Soulworker Online Open Beta
March 30th

Client Download
March 25th

Official Service Schedule
April 6th


It looks like the team added one map where players can keep grinding EXP when they’re out of stamina in the previous beta. I believe the game will have the same content as the Extra CBT and perhaps more content released during the live service along with the official cash shop. Most likely no data wipe.

Everyone can participate in the Open Beta just like the previous test. However, the same rules still apply when accessing the game website and launcher as it’s only available to users of Japan. If you’re interested in playing the game, there is a campaign going on that you can sign up for extra freebies and bonuses here. You’ll have to use Google Translate!

Developer: Liongames Korea
Publisher: NHN Hangame Japan
Game Site:

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