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March 28, 2016Business Review



In this week’s gaming adventures, I’m back at it again with the latest build of Soulworker Online. I’ve played most of the betas for the game and have noticed that PvE content has been toned down drastically. Everything is so much easier now and it’s almost impossible to die during the first two chapters of the game.

Monsters used to hit really hard in Closed Beta and there were times where players would randomly die in Normal or Very Hard difficulty settings. Now everything is like paper and so casual, lol. Perhaps a lot of Soulworker community complained that the PvE content was too hard? Oh well. I’m going to continue in my adventures and hope that the last chapter is somewhat challenging. The first two chapters is just combo and tank crazy.

No news of an English version just yet, but there is some news of the Korean version. The Korean version “may” come out in Winter, but SEGA KR branch seems to be having some problems at the moment. I’ll probably most likely stick to the JP version since I can understand it by voice a little bit better than Korean. I blame all the Anime that I’ve been watching. The Japanese version should be in Open Beta soon, since the Pre-Registration is up, but that’s what they said about the last beta and then bam EXTRA CBT in your face, lol.

Developer: Liongames
Publisher: NHN Hangame
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