Here are the deck win rates from the first four days of Worlds –

October 31, 2016Business Review


Malygos Druid is recovering from terrible win rates on opening days, Dragon Warrior a pleasant surprise.

Despite being the most played archetype of the tournament – and certainly considered one of the best lists in the current meta – Malygos Druid struggled to pull off win rates corresponding to the archetype strength at the start of the Hearthstone World Championship. After the first two days, the deck was circling around 37 per cent win rate, at one time dropping as low as 33 per cent.

While it’s a lot more difficult to pull off glamorous win rates in the Conquest format as opposed to Last Hero Standing where a deck can sweep the whole series, Malygos Druid’s bad performance came as a surprise. On second sight, however, his low win rate could be explained by both the high skill cap needed to pilot the deck optimally and the popularity of its natural enemies: Secrets Hunter and Zoo, the latter of which at one time held the highest win rate in the World Championship.

As the numbers stand currently after four days of matches, the majority of the popular decks, i.e. those which have played ten matches are below, have a win rate percentage around the 50 per cent mark, with Malygos Druid at 47.62, Tempo Mage at 52.00, Zoo at 52.94, and Midrange Shaman at even 50.00. The worst performing deck of the popular wins is Aggro Secrets Hunter with 40.00 over 15 games and Control Warrior 41.67 over 12 games.

The highest win rates are currently held by decks that have been played in only a handful of games. Dragon Warrior, an archetype which went almost extinct with the rise of its control brethren, is having a great week with 80 per cent win rate over five games, followed by the Ramp Token build, outperforming its Malygos cousin with 75.00 over four games.

Unsurprisingly, Midrange Shaman is by far the most banned deck of the tournament with 50 per cent ban rate so far.

After finishing the group stage, players will be allowed to re-submit their line-ups for the playoffs. Find full coverage of the event at our World Championship event coverage hub.


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