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Game of Thrones season 6 has started, and it’s already got us hooked. While you’ll find individual reviews of each episode on this site, here we’ve gathered together quick summaries of each episode to help you catch up. There’s a link in each episode summary to the main review, and a video of our Game of Thrones show after each one. Keep checking back for an update each week, and a full season review once the final episode has aired.

Season 6, episode 1 – The Red Woman

A relatively strong start to the current season, and one that clearly demonstrates that the TV show is moving away from the books to do its own thing. Read our full episode 6.01 review right here, or stick around for the condensed version. Sansa and Theon’s escape from Winterfell feels like the stand-out moment of this episode, as the hapless pair are rescued by Brienne and Pod. The most shocking moment is probably a tie between Ellaria Sand’s assassination of King Doran down in Dorne, or the final scene that sees Melisandre reveal her true form (she’s a little older than you might think). The scenes at Castle Black are clearly building up to the resurrection of Jon Snow, but HBO wants to draw the tease out a little longer. Finally, the Daenerys plot line is bubbling under – she shows plenty of backbone facing her new captor, Khal Moro, while Daario and Jorah pick up her trail. Oh, and in Meereen… we get a taste of the civil unrest that will likely give Tyrion his latest batch of sleepless nights. Overall it’s a decent episode, but not the best you’ll watch this season.

Season 6, episode 2 – Home

Surprise! Jon Snow is back from the dead, resurrected by Melisandre. Who knew? Oh, that’s right, we did. This is one of the strongest episodes of Game of Thrones yet, and here’s our full episode 6.02 review. The fist-pumping end to the episode isn’t really the most shocking moment, though, as we lose not one but two house-rules in a single show. Ramsay’s murder of his father is disturbing, if unsurprising, and the fact he also butchers his baby brother and step-mother cement him as ‘the most evil bastard’ in Game of Thrones. Well done, Rammers. Meanwhile, Balon Greyjoy is lobbed off a precarious-looking bridge by his insane brother Euron, kicking off a delicious new plot line for the Iron Islands. The tension ramps up further at King’s Landing, when the High Sparrow gate-crashes Myrcella’s funeral and picks a fight with Jaime, and in Meereen, Tyrion decides to free the two remaining dragons locked away beneath the city. Overall a great episode with shocks, action, and a nice sprinkling of heart and humour to round everything off.

Season 6, episode 3 – Oathbreaker

After the shocking-not-shocking events of episode 2, Oathbreaker feels a little flat, but compared to the return of Jon Snow, what show wouldn’t? It’s still a solid episode and you can read our full review here, or get a shorter breakdown below. After Jon Snow wakes up and finds some clothes, he proceeds to execute his murderers and leave the Watch for good. Where he’ll go is for another episode, but the news that he’s finally entering the game of thrones is almost as welcome as his resurrection. Bran has another super helpful flashback vision that shows us part of what happens at the Tower of Joy. A young Eddard Stark isn’t as honourable as everyone thought and something is definitely troubling his sister. In this week’s ‘well, duh’ moment Arya gets her sight back… as we all knew she would. Oh, and Rickon Stark’s back. That’s important, must remember that. Not. Also, Dany is in danger for not accepting her boring life as a Khaleesi widow sooner, and Tyrion and Varys find out who’s funding the Sons of the Harpy. Not that it does them much good. Overall, it’s another mostly-strong episode from Game of Thrones season 6, but if it wasn’t for Jon and Arya, you’d feel like not much happened. Time to pick up the pace I think. 

Season 6, episode 4 – Book of the Stranger

In some genuinely shocking news, Stark siblings Jon and Sansa have actually been reunited in episode 4 of Game of Thrones season 6. Read our full review here, or stick around for a short recap. As it turns out, Jon Snow hasn’t left The Wall yet, but just as he’s packing his bag his sister Sansa turns up and gives him a hug. The two Stark siblings reminisce about their childhoods for a while, before turning their attention to the issue of Ramsay Bolton and Winterfell. Jon just wants to get some sun, but Sansa is determined to make Ramsay pay. A well timed threatening note from the new Lord Bolton persuades Jon he needs to retake Winterfell and it looks like the Wildlings will follow. Go team Jon Snow! Daenerys is also on the up as she burns the Dothraki leadership to death and walks out of the fire unscathed (again). Reunited with Jorah and Daario and with a new Dothraki army at her command, now might be a good time to nip across the Narrow Sea. After all, Tyrion and Varys might be managing in Meereen by compromising with the slave masters, but not everyone is happy about the arrangement, and cracks are beginning to show. With both Jon and Daenerys on the road to the Iron Throne this is another super strong episode which sees two of our favourite characters make giant leaps in their storylines, while reminding us of their humanity and the importance of their relationships. More of this please!

That’s all for now. Check back next Monday for the latest episode. Or check out our video below that gets you call caught up with seasons 1-5.


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