gamecoupon | Duelyst just nerfed one of its most oppressive cards

October 17, 2016Business Review


Kron wasn’t the only card toned down; four others have been nerfed, along with one of the general’s unique Bloodborn Spells. Kara, the Vanar general in question, has also been a much-discussed candidate for nerfs, so reworking her Bloodborn Spell has been a longer time coming than the relatively quick Kron change. Kara’s +1/+1 effect for minions in her hand now only applies to minions played on the turn it’s used, meaning you can no longer rely on the strategy of stacking it on Rush minions to deal burst damage from hand.

Two other nerfs targeted the game’s Dispel effect, which is like Duelyst’s version of Hearthstone’s Silence. Ephemeral Shroud—which



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