gamecoupon | Dota2, CSGO, LOL and many more featured at Persian Gulf Cup this September

August 22, 2016Business Review


Despite all difficulties and limitations of eSports in Iran, some great events were organized during this summer in order to provide Iranian gamers opportunities to gain competitive experience and the chance of participating at LAN events.

With the successful example of iCG e-Sports Summer 2016 and after numerous smaller events hosted with the continuous support of the community, Tehran is ready to organize a new multi gaming LAN event for the eSports fans. The third edition of Persian Gulf Cup (PGC) has attracted the attention of a few sponsoring companies including Samsung and Aparat, and will also benefit from governmental support.

As a result, this year’s edition of PGC will feature a prize pool of $15,0000 spread across  ten different games.  $8,000 are going at Dota2, CSGO and LOL competitions while $4,000 will be distributed to the other game titles. 

All the Iranian teams interested to participate at Persian Gulf Cup 2016 are invited to sign up for the online qualifiers at The online phase will take place from 10th to 20th of September while the LAN event will be held in Koroush Cinema Complex in Tehran at a yet to be announced date. Although the LAN dates haven’t been fixed yet, Iran’s Minister of Culture, Ali Jannati, has announced his presence at the opening ceremony.

For more information and any questions regarding the PGC 2016 tournaments you may contact the Persian admins on the Persian Gulf Cup official website.


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