Blade & Soul Outlines Plans For Competitive Play Support on gamecoupon

October 10, 2016Business Review



NCSoft has been working on its support plans for the free-to-play MMO Blade & Soul. In order to make the game’s PvP more community and tournament friendly, the development team has been working on separating the game’s spectator features from the development tools required to run the game. This change makes the community’s ability to broadcast competitive events and tournaments easier.

In addition to making spectator mode easier to use, NCSoft is also planning on focusing on community tournaments for the rest of the year while they work toward the 2017 World Championship. NCSoft will be officially sponsoring community-run tournaments by Imperial (focusing on North American players) and Legion (for those in Europe.) The semifinals and Grand Finals for both will be streamed live on the Blade & Soul Twitch channel and in-game via Blade & Soul TV.

More information on NCSoft’s plans for competitive play can be read on the game’s site.


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