gamecoupon – 7 Weeks of Progress since Fragmented Release

gamecoupon -  7 Weeks of Progress since Fragmented Release


It’s now been seven weeks since Fragmented opened its doors on Early Access. We traditionally have done monthly features, but with the rapid pace of our patch release schedule we have seen 2-3 patches coming out every week for a total of 16 patches over the past 7 weeks. If you are keeping an eye on Fragmented and wanted to get a higher level view of changes over the past 7 weeks we aggregated most of the major features and listed them below.


We still have a few smaller features and remaining issues to resolve, but we are happy to be getting near the end of that list so we can start focusing on more improvements and revamping of the current systems. June should see wrapping up this list and making smaller incremental improvements and in July we can focus on some more larger scale changes and improvements to the existing systems.


New Features


  • Engagement/Public Quest support was introduced. This allows for more complex encounters with waves and bosses.

  • Caves have been introduced to the game.

  • Player Hosted servers can now be registered and browsed from the main menu.




  • You can now pick up or demolish structures to retain the resources that went into creating them.

  • Improved structure placement system in numerous ways including different proximity rules for different structure types, raising/lowering of height, and camera improvements. Also improved guild support for structures.

  • Introduced many new structure types including Force Gates, Water Towers, First Aid Kits, Refrigerators, Wood and Stone Gates, and two new base types.

  • Structures now decay if the owner or guildmaster have not visited them after some time. Abandoned structures can be demolished by other players to acquire resources.




  • Increased storage capacity of containers and introduced them to players at lower skill levels than was previously the case.

  • Added many types of new rare mob loot or crafted items. This includes Firestrand and Studded Mubark armor sets, Chain Guns, Respec Kits, and Personal Shields.

  • Vehicles were reintroduced. They support a driver and 3 passengers.


Player vs. Player


  • On servers which feature item loss, all dropped items will now be grouped into a single container which you can pick and choose from, or use quick access buttons to Re-Equip gear or Loot All.

  • Significantly increased the health of turrets and structures, making it more difficult for guilds to raid players on off hours.

  • Turrets can now fire from beyond sniper range at a target which has already inflicted damage upon them. They use a shorter range for players who have not attempted to damage them.

  • You can now repair structures.




  • Added localization support for Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German, and Spanish. Italian and French are coming soon.

  • Introduced the Jabberbull species.

  • Rewrote much of the networking code for players and guilds to improve performance and stability.

  • Introduced new servers in Southeast Asia.

  • Improved pet, vehicle, and turret support.

  • Many balance changes to things like skill gain and leveling rates, armor and weapon balance, NPC balance, recipe results, tool charges, ammo counts, and the like. You now require less food and drink to get by, and we have introduced things like Refrigerators and Jerky to extend that even further.

  • Introduced many new player hosted server configuration options including being able to tweak the number of resources harvested, corpse timeout lengths, skill gain rates, structure damage, and structure placement radius.




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