16.6.3 Build is Now Available on gamecoupon

We are going to attempt to move patches up to Tuesday vs Thursday-Friday. So as a result we are releasing the patch a bit early this week and will have a full week cycle next week as a result. The patch is a tad bit smaller because of the short cycle, but has some important changes in it. 

  • Fixed an issue with loading/saving of bags that we causing bags to go empty 100% of the time. Hoping this will solve this issue. 
  • Added some new code to detect "orphaned" player nodes. They are causing save issues as well (the relogging dead, on other spots, etc). There are 2 new checks now to help resolve this issue. 
  • Added German Localization. 
  • Made some camera improvements with the vehicle and terrain. 
  • Fixed an AI issue causing targetting issues with NPCs (AI work is a major part of the next patch).

Finally, a friendly reminder the abandon timers for structures will start working around Friday. Please check your structures in game using the following command to make sure things are working properly. 

/info checkabandon 

Below are the full notes for the patch. 


  • Added music to the main menu. 
  • Added new sounds and effects to the Helltyr Cave. 
  • Added support for reverb and sound ducking effects.


  • Players can now obtain achievements from being a top performer in Engagements.

Items and Fittings 

  • Limited the range of Rocket Launchers and Mini-Explosive Launchers, though they can still reach long ranges.


  • Added a German localization for the game.

User Interface 

  • Updated the failure message when you try to place a Personal Shield or trap to give a better indication as to why it failed.

Bug Fixes 

  • Removed a sound override on the Wind and Weather sound which was causing unintended results. 
  • Fixed an issue where server names did not fit the allotted space in some languages. 
  • Fixed a bug in the achievement rewards system which was causing a small performance hit. 
  • Added some more code to clean up vehicles when abandoned players are removed from the game. 
  • Players that are in a state of "abandonment" will now show up as "Unknown" if you manage to run into one online. 
  • Fixed an error with the AI target code that was causing a variety of errors. They should behave a bit more normally now. 
  • Fixed a stretching issue on Nanofiber and Firestrand boots. 
  • Fixed vehicle camera so it no longer goes underground when rolling downhill. 
  • Fixed an issue where bag information could be overwritten in certain circumstances. 
  • Added some new abandon pawn checks to catch cases where a player might get detached from the connection and stay orphaned on the server causing various issues.

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