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Just in time for the weekend, we bring you the 16.6.2 patch. Before we get to the build notes let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this week’s patch.


The first few features have been among the most popular user suggestions so far in early access. First up is the ability to pick up some props and turret types to move them, rather than demolishing them. Interact with them by pressing the ‘F’ key (default) and you will see a new option if the prop type can be moved.


Next up is the introduction of a tombstone type container system for servers which feature item loss in PvP or PvE. Previously many items would be tossed onto the ground when you died, and it made going through these items difficult. This system has received a large revamp in this build, as well as some important bug fixes. When you return to this marker (or if you loot a different player’s marker) it will open like a container. This window features Loot All and Re-Equip buttons to make the whole ordeal a little bit easier.


Another commonly requested feature has been caves, and we see the introduction of the first cave system in this patch. This cave is populated with Helltyr, and is controlled via a simple engagement. It is aimed at a group of players and features a small population of Helltyr along with a couple of bosses. If you manage to clear the entire dungeon before the Helltyr abandon it (and later return) a chest will spawn along with a new and more difficult boss encounter.


Other highlights include two new server configuration flags to tweak corpse times and resource yields, graphics and physics tweaks, a steeper experience curve, more difficult boss mobs, improved NPC ability capabilities, interface improvements, and bug fixes. You can read the complete build notes below.



  • Created a new engagement to handle spawns in the newly added Helltyr Cave. This simple engagement controls the spawning of mobs, and if players are able to clear out the cave quickly enough it will spawn a tougher boss.



  • Improved Jabberbull textures.

  • Added a new Tombstone Crate model for player corpses.

  • Added a subtle particle effect to Helltyr Leap attacks.

  • Added physical materials to various weapons which did not previously support them. This will allow the weapon to react appropriately if shot.



  • Added the ability to pick up some housing items, via the secondary use Housing menu. Only direct owners of the items can pick them up. The current eligible items are : Small Crate, Foot Locker, Stove, Mortar and Pestle, First Aid Kit, Turret, and Tesla Turret.

  • Turrets and Tesla Turrets received a small boost to hit points and damage.


Items and Fittings

  • Tools can now very rarely drop from some humanoid mobs.



  • Added a server configuration value that controls the corpse timer – playerCorpseContainerLifeTime. Default is set to 600 seconds (10 minutes).

  • Adjusted some physics settings on players so they don't move things around easily.

  • Adjusted the experience curve so that it further increases the gap of experience needed each level as your level increases. This should result in little to no changes early on, but for leveling speed to decrease at higher levels.

  • We've introduced a new "resourceMod" setting for server operators. This is a floating point number which adjusts the number of resources rewarded. It should be noted that this will be rounded. So for example if you were running a server and wanted to have five times more resources per harvest than usual you could set this to 5.0.



  • Helltyr Patrols now drop less prepared food.

  • Added the ability for NPCs to have more advanced and out of the box abilities that were not supported in the previously. We previously could have a normal attack and a special attack which came with a number of pre-built configuration types. NPCs now have the ability to call a unique script for certain abilities to have unique abilities in special cases.

  • Introduced several new variations of Helltyr.

  • Introduced a new type of Helltyr which can heal the wounds of other Helltyr. They are currently only located in the Helltyr Cave.

  • Increased difficulty of many boss mobs by a small to moderate amount.



  • Optimized some of the Engagement NPC AI code.


Player vs. Player

  • When a player dies a new loot item is now spawned into the world and the player's inventory and equipment is shoved into the item making looting much easier.


User Interface

  • You can now shift+double click to move items between an open container and your inventory and vice versa.

  • Container for "corpse" contents now has a mouse over display with the player's name in it.

  • Container interface now has a Loot All Button to attempt to loot everything in it.

  • Rescaled the close button on the Character Window so it wasn't stretched.

  • Corpse Container Window now has a Re-Equip button. This will attempt to reequip the items in the equipment section of the window if you are not wearing equipment. If you already have equipment it will simply put it into your inventory like a normal Loot All.

  • Containers with 2 columns now adjust the window a bit to make it look cleaner.

  • Container windows should now look a bit cleaner.



  • Introduced a new Helltyr Cave. This is a work in progress, please let us know of any issues you experience inside of the cave.


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue which was preventing blood spurts in some cases where there should have been.

  • Fixed an issue where the weapons on some NPCs would detach before they died.

  • Corrected an issue with animations and sounds of Helltyr Patrolmen.

  • Corrected an issue with Jabberbull physics which could cause their ragdolls to react oddly.

  • Equipped items will now properly drop when you die on corpse looting servers.

  • Put in some adjustments to containers to hopefully fix the rendering issue.

  • Corrected an issue which allowed you to ledge walk along thin ledges near walls.

  • Fixed some melee radius issues with Helltyr.

  • Corrected some missing physical material definitions on some rocks and newer props, this would cause bullets or other decal leaving objects to display the wrong particles or to make the wrong sounds when impacting those objects.

  • You can no longer consume items while dead.


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