gamecoupon – 16.6.1 Build is Now Live

This week's patch bring a few new goodies and a handful of fixes to the vehicles that were introduced back into the game last week.

The vehicles received another pass fixing a handful of issues and should be in much better shape after this patch. The camera/placement of the vehicle should be significantly better online and a few critical bugs with the system were found and fixed. We also introduced repair kit for vehicles so they can be repaired.

On top of the vehicle work we introduced the Jabberbull back to Fragmented. It was a creature from The Repopulation and we added new recipes and loot from the creature.

Furthering our localization work, we have our initial Russian translation available now. It will be an available option at the main menu along with the other languages available.

We did introduce a few new animations and smaller bits of content and a few other bug fixes in this patch as well.

Finally, an issue with the abandon code was discovered and they were pushed to 28 days until a fix can be applied. If you were counting the days and looking around that would be the reason why.


  • Introduced new pistol pain reaction animations.
  • Added crouched melee animations.
  • Added a new melee jump animation.


  • Added logos for OWON, FPR, and Rogue in preparation for an upcoming game mode.
  • The Personal Shielding particle goes through less loops and is more transparent than was previously the case, but has a longer play duration.

Items and Fittings

  • Added Weight to some items which were weightless.
  • Introduced Jabberbull Jerky. This food item lasts longer without spoiling than most food types.
  • Jabber-Coated Clubs have been introduced. Clubs had previously been useful early on in Melee Weapons skill, but they lacked upgrades to keep them competitive with Swords, Axes, and Spears. This weapon is a higher end version of clubs, for those who prefer this weapon type.
  • If you consume a food or drink but have no hunger or thirst to replenish it will now print a warning in chat to let you know that you are full.


  • The game is now localized in Russian. This joins English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish localization options.


  • We have introduced a new species which will be familiar to Repopulation fans. The Jabberbull can be found near water. An axe or skinning stone can be used to collect their gel, which can be used to create a new club based weapon.

Trade Skills

  • Increased the amount of Ammunition per craft of Beam Cartridges and Fuel Containment devices.
  • Mechanic's Kits can be now created with an Electronics skill of 8 or higher. These kits are used to repair vehicles.
  • You can now have critical success when creating Ammunition, and some weapons which previously did not have a critical version. In these cases they do not give new items, but give a bonus to the amount of items created.
  • Players with an 8 or higher Melee skill can now create Jabber-Coated Clubs.
  • Players with a Subsistence skill of 5 and a nearby Stove can now create Jabberbull Jerky.

Vehicles and Mounts

  • Vehicles can now be repaired using new Mechanic's Kits. Use the kit while standing next to a vehicle to repair it.
  • Adjusted the traction values on the wheels of the vehicles so they don't drift as much.
  • Adjusted the physics calculation on the server and how it works so they are more intuned with the client making the hitching online much more reduced than before.
  • Added an idle brake to the vehicles so they are less likely to roll away or be "pushed" away.
  • Made a slight camera adjustment to the vehicle to make the camera more stabilized when the vehicle changes pitch when rolling over something.
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles not showing up sometimes when relogging.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera not being applied properly when getting out of a vehicle.

Bug Fixes

  • Quality Nitrogen Fertilizer was previously showing up in tooltips as being named Nitrogen Fertilizer. It now displays its proper name.
  • You can now view your map markers on the map when driving a vehicle.
  • It should now place you in a combat stance visually if you try to do an unarmed swing at a player who is not attackable. This is just a visual tweak.
  • Removed extraneous white space from the falling damage message.
  • Fixed a bug which caused your hands to come together as though they were holding a rifle when you took damaged while unarmed.
  • Sniper scopes should now render properly regardless of height. There was a bug which was previously making some scopes view the back of the scope when used with a taller character.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing Personal Shielding effects to not display to other players online.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing items from supply crates to not have any durability or uses.
  • Fixed an issue with the crouch moving left animation.
  • Pets will no longer try to regenerate when dead.
  • Corrected an issue which was causing NPC corpses to disappear after death in some cases.
  • Corrected the hand position on the driving animation.
  • Players will now properly be removed from the vehicle when disconnected/logging so the process can properly remove the player from the game.
  • Fixed a bug in the Engagement loot system which was allowing players to obtain items before they should have.

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